Dichemso, Kumasi

The Read to Achieve club is based in Dichemso, Kumasi. They joined the EduSpots network in August 2021. 

Dichemso is an urban community in Kumasi metropolitan. The community has various vices mainly crime and teenage pregnancies. Most of the students live with their foster parents which has led to very little parental involvement in the children’s academics.

Dichemso Spot is a school-based Spot founded by Lawrence, a teacher stationed in the community who witnessed all the challenges present in the community. with the help of Stephen Tetteh Dan and Florence Esi Amponsah.

Before the Spot was birthed, the students had a phobia for mathematics and were not keen on literacy either. They also did not have the habit of reading for pleasure.
Since the existence of this Spot, the number of students involved in criminal acts have reduced, the students have also developed a love for mathematics and the literacy rate has improved. The students have also developed the habit of reading for pleasure, they also now write and express themselves better.