Kalpohin Spot was built by EduSpots in 2019, following support from the Fonthill Foundation, which included the installation of solar, alongside furniture and resources. This was some time after the EduSpots team met four Lead for Ghana fellows via twitter, who were organising a book drive for their learners, and leading various literacy and STEM activities. It is now consistently one of the most dynamic Spots in the network, winning Spot of the Year in 2022 for its consistent commitment to supporting learners in the community.

The Spot runs a literacy club and literacy related activities as well as an EcoSTEM club, which combines environmental education with Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics education. The Spot also organises an annual quiz and spelling competitions among schools in the area. A drama and dancing club to develop the talents of students in this area is an attachment to the literacy club. Other activities by the Spot include BeBetter Mentorship club for girls, Remedial classes for JHS 3 students in EMS and Holiday Literacy sessions for kids in KG, Basic 1- Basic 3 among others.

Mr Adam Nabila, Project Leader, has played a transformative role in the project, and his work in Kalpohin has had a ripple affect across the EduSpots network, leading him into a role in the staff team as our Northern Spots Coordinator, where he shares his inspiring ideas and practice further.

“The impact of the library on learners is greatly felt these days in class. They have cultivated the habit of reading their notes and even go beyond what they learn in school. They spent some time learning, they don’t loiter about, the spirit of the library is in some of them and they always have the desire to broaden their knowledge” – Mohammed Mutala Suleman, Assistant Headmaster of Kalpohin Anglican JHS ‘A’

 “The library has built confidence in me. It has also made me learn adventures and moral lessons from the books, especially the African writers books. My academic performance has improved and my leadership skills which made me contest the senior prefect position in my school and won the Assistant SP”– Savera Aduku, Kalpohin SDA and Literacy club member.