Our Partners!

We love working with partners who align with our values and vision. Email info@eduspots.org to form a partnership today.

We are grateful to the following organisations that we have worked closely with in the last three years:

Funders: The Gower Street Trust, MC2H Foundation, The British and Foreign Schools Society, EA Foundation, The Fonthill Foundation, The Chalk Cliff Trust, the Kitchen Tables Trust, the Coles Medlock Foundation, the Evan Cornish Foundation, The Gilchrist Educational Trust, the William Leach Charity, The Forrester Family Trust, The Oakdale Trust, the Balacqua Trust, and many other supporters.

Resource and construction partners: Dext Technology, Book Aid International, Books 2 Africa, We Building

Programme partners:  GhScientific, WAPCA, Because She Can, Impact Ed, Engaged Ed

School partners: Sevenoaks School, Wellington College, Thorpe St Andrews, African Science Academy

We also thank everyone who has donated to our work, whether through books, laptops or financial donations.