Brighton College Week 2 – Role of Perspective

Watch this:

Write a post on the live blog explaining:

  • What do you think this advert is telling us about how to have meaningful conversations people with different view points?
  • Would you add anything else?
  • Is there anything you find unrealistic or even distasteful in the advert?
  • What do you think the ultimate goal of discussions on points of difference is?

13 thoughts on Brighton College Week 2 – Role of Perspective

  1. Be respectful of peoples views and listen to what they have to say as it has an impact to everyone’s personality. I believe the advert was very informative and showed how discussing something with another human can change your perspective and views of things that you previously might have contradicted. The advert was good as it shows the moral meaning behind a short conversation and the impacts it can generate.

  2. I think that the advert showed how getting to know people before judging them can really help get to know the person. Also, the fact that they all decided to stay and talk to the other person after knowing their opinions showed how getting to know someone who you might disagree with rather than making a judgement of them straight away.

  3. I think it is unrealistic in the modern world that people are willing to listen to each other’s arguments. People are extremely argumentative and hold extremely strong views. Few are willing to change for others.
    It shows that empathy is a strong value, and so is listening. They make people closer and help others to gain more understanding about the world.
    The point of debate is to form your own opinion from a larger amount of facts, instead of being misconstrued by a small pool of information.
    It shows that people can be brought closer together despite their differences. By introducing each other and becoming close before having arguments, more meaningful connections will be built and a better debate will be had.

    1. I think this is very relatable. What would you say could be done to encourage people to see arguments as something you could learn from or even teach others rather than compromising your views?

  4. 1. changing perspectives and opening our mind to just “black or white” perception of life.
    2. No
    3. nothing is distasteful about that video in such respect but its the realisation of an argument and the power of a conversation and how people can hold social views about society with such strength and sometime can’t be blamed as this could have been a result of such upbringing and environment around us.
    4. I believe the ultimate goal of these conversations was not only to educate each other, but to reason why these views are help so powerfully.

  5. 1. i feel like the video is trying to get the point of not judging people before meeting them. speaking to people without judging them and their opinions.

    2. no

    3. no

    4. trying to understand other people’s perspectives on topics which you have differing opinions on

  6. I believe that this advert emphasises the moral wrong in judging a book by its cover, and how if you were to do activities and bond for a short or long period of time, you would understand and view your opinions of person in a completely different way.
    I believe that the ultimate goal of the discussion is to remove any tension or awkward aromas of your given individual and talk to them, expressing each side of your argument.

  7. We think that it is good to have different perspectives and to be open-minded before making a full decision about your opinion on a topic. You can’t make a decision whilst ignorant.
    Unrealistic – definitely staged however it portrays a good message.

  8. 1. Sit down and talk about it. Discuss your different viewpoints and perspectives of the topics you disagree on respectfully.
    2. Be open to different ideas and even if you don’t support the ideas of others, you have to respect them.
    3. Seemed a bit fake and staged and the changes in their opinions in the conversations that they had were a bit quick to be realistic.
    4. To have different perspectives and views on a topic so you aren’t cornered in one way of viewing a certain problem and you can be more open-minded to things that are thrown at you in certain points of life.

  9. We believe that the ad helped us to really understand and admire the beauty of conversations where you can get your various different points across and talk about each different view on a certain topic. We think that the ad may be a bit extreme and confusing due to the sudden change in personality before and after the video is shown. We believe the ultimate goal is to reach a point of agreement and accept eachother for who they are.

  10. I think it’s telling us to talk to people with different view points, and discuss with them – not to just walk away from other opinions.
    Also to look at situations with different perspectives and understand each other’s viewpoint even if you do not agree.

  11. The advert is telling us to respect the differences in the world and to always be aware of what opinions other people have. The scenarios the people in the advert were in demonstrate that the offensive opinions some people had were due to their ignorance and lack of desire to understand other peoples’ situations, and that sitting down and having a conversation is a good way to broaden your understanding of misunderstood issues.

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