Adeline Cheung

School Partnerships Intern

Adeline is joining EduSpots as a School Partnership intern in January 2024. She is currently pursuing an MA in History and Politics at the University of Edinburgh, and is particularly interested in the intersections between education, citizenship, and postcolonial theory.

She has been involved with the EduLit programme during her time in sixth form, gaining insight and inspiration from the collaborative projects promoting literacy. She has also worked with educational NGOs in Hong Kong – Kids4kids, which targeted discrepancies in interest and confidence in reading within the community. Since moving to the UK in 2020, she has been a Brownies leader for local units, and believes in the importance of these third spaces for children in cultivating curiosity, confidence, and connections outside of the classroom. With hands-on experiences in education and non-profit fields, she is eager to widen her perspective on creative, local, sustainable initiatives.

In her free time, Adeline enjoys learning about and experiencing different cultures, in part through language and literature, speaking English, Chinese, and Spanish.