Anita Esi Eleh

I am Anita Esi Eleh from Swedru in the Central Region of Ghana. I am passionate about the right of women, an artist and a fashion designer. I am the lead of the Everybody Matters project which is aimed at curbing teenage pregnancy and empowering the youth especially females to promote education and eliminate poverty.

Having the logo “It’s important to be more than just a beautiful mother”, the project seeks to educate both males and females in Gomoa Manso on teenage pregnancy and its implications on the girl child education the essence of gender equality and the need to have vocational skills for economic empowerment. The project focuses on educating teenagers who are already into sexual activities and those yet to engage themselves in it preventive measures to avoid unwanted pregnancies if total abstinence is a problem. A part of the project focuses on mentoring the youth through created club to realize their potentials and enhance their literacy skills.

Looking into the future the Everybody Matters project would extend its service to neighboring communities training more teenagers with hand-on skills and supporting them to further their education to higher levels so as to provide communities with energetic, responsible and educated youth to contribute to the economic growth of individual communities and Ghana as a whole