Seiba Abdul Rahman

I am Seiba Abdul Rahman I come from Bimbilla in the northern Region of Ghana. I play football, volleyball and Badminton. I like mathematics and would be studying Electronics and Electrical Engineering in The University of Edinburgh on a MasterCard Foundation Scholarship.

What Inspired Me to Carry on The Project

I had my basic education in Bimbilla during those times I was unaware about the presence of a   district library. This was as a result of the library not in good condition, not furnished with books and also uncomfortable for usage. It was also found at the outskirt of the town which makes it very difficult for it to be used by students. This was also a place where sometimes district meetings are held. With this problem in the district I took it upon myself to apply for a grant of £1000.00 from Eduspots when I was given the chance to do so during my stay in African Science Academy.

How the Spot Was Set Up

I got a network of volunteers when I was still at ASA, I worked with them to contact the district municipal executive and I was given a classroom at EA junior high to kick start my project. All the manual work started in July after my completion and ended in August. The place was furnished with books from Eduspots.

Who Runs the Spot?

As part of our values in Eduspots, the spot is run by a network of volunteers from the community of different age range. We have the youth volunteers who are mostly from the primary, junior high and senior high schools. These volunteers carry out the day to day activities in the spot from cleaning, assistance to other students to been librarians.

How the Spot Works

The library works every day from Monday to Sunday from 8:00am to 9:30pm it is opened to everyone in the district. In a quest to engage students in Bimbilla in a holistic learning process, other programs have been going on in the spot. These includes clubs such as reading club, and mentoring sessions from great individuals. The teaching and learning of different subjects is also one of the activities carried out in the spot in Bimbilla.

Future Plans

As part of our values in Eduspots, we plan to bring up an environmental awareness club on board so as to educate the people the benefits of keeping our environments save. Sporting activities help in keeping individuals active we planned to have this introduced in our spot as time goes on.  The spot will also engage in STEM activities to broaden our knowledge on Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics.