Jennifer Ossei-Brainoo

Intern (Partnerships)

Jennifer is a Farmington scholar and educator. She is also a developing herself as a social entrepreneur through her various fundraising activities (Sleeping outside to raise money for the homeless, running marathons to help the charity Choose Love).  

She is an advocator of equal opportunities, with a special focus on race and female rights. She is currently the owner of The Mum Club Franchise in Reading District. She has also given lots of talks in the Diocese of Northampton about Women in Christianity and the reception of Catholic educators to the reality of the experience of the LGBTQ+ pupils in faith schools. She has also created numerous courses on Philosophy, Ethics and Morality in the Catholic Church for the formation of various Youth workers and Lay Ministers. 

As a Secondary School teacher, she teaches Religion and Philosophy. Having been a deputy for a year group and the RE department, she is currently the Head of PSHE in her school. 

Having recently become a mother, she is very passionate about early years development/ education.

She has a bachelor’s degree in Religion, with modules in African Politics and Sociology from Lancaster University. She also has a PGCE and Msc in Education from the University of Oxford. Jennifer is joining EduSpots UK charity as an intern in the Education and Fundraising team