Ignite Girls

We have been working in the area of girls empowerment since 2018 when we launched our youth change maker programme in partnership with talented female STEM students from African Science Academy who have founded 10 of our Spots and offer a strong youth female voice across the network.

Ignite Girls is one of four educational strands that EduSpots volunteers lead in their home communities as part of the wider Ignite Programme. This new strand was the club area most frequently requested by our volunteers.

Local volunteer teams will work with students in Junior High 2 to pair them with a local female mentor, and join bi-monthly Ignite Girls Club sessions. These will involve practical activities and discussions relating to core areas of girls empowerment identified as important by girls in our community.

This will include: communication and assertiveness training, study skills, careers awareness, pregnancy awareness and sexual abuse, personal hygiene and menstruation, social entrepreneurship and being a wider advocate for social change.