Frequently Asked Questions

1. I didn’t see the zoom link in the email. Can you help me out?
Most definitely, I can! EduSpots online courses do not take place on zoom. We realise that our course participants span different ages and have different schedules so our courses are on the site for all participants to read when they would be able to, during the six-week period.
2. Where are the questions/assignments we are required to submit?
At EduSpots, the questions you are required to answer are called ‘Tasks’. At the end of the post, you would see a “TASK” in bold writing for you to answer.
3. Where do I upload my assignments?
Please use the comment section to provide answers to the tasks given weekly.
4. Why do you have a comment section instead of where I can upload my assignment?
The idea of a comment section is to share opinions which will spur on conversations amongst participants. This is unique to our course at EduSpots- in fact, engagement with another’s comment is highly encouraged. Agreements and disagreements are welcome as well as further questioning and/or development of another’s point. There’s a lot we can learn from one another.
5. I couldn’t partake in the previous week’s post because I couldn’t make the time. What should I do? 
There is no need to worry. Missing the previous week’s post can easily be solved. You can still go back to those posts and send in your contributions. It is however advisable to stay on top of earlier posts so you don’t have a pile up of tasks. This will also allow you time to engage another’s comment and receive replies from them.
6. How would I know if there’s a comment or question from another participant I’m supposed to answer in a previous week?
Since all participants are doing the course at their pace, we highly encourage that you go back to previous posts from time to time just to see if there’s any reaction to your comment that needs feedback from you.
7. What do I do to be eligible for a certificate?
Doing these will make you eligible for a certificate at the end of the course;
I. Make sure to do a minimum of 5 out of 6 posts
II. Share thoughtful answers in response to tasks drawing from key learnings for the week.
III.  It is also very important to engage with the comments of other participants; in agreeing or offering a different point of view, questioning their submissions or even furthering their points and giving examples.
8. What does “awaiting moderation” mean? 
When you comment and click on the “post comment” button, your submission doesn’t automatically show on the site. It shows on the backend of the site where we would see it, approve and upload it. It will then appear on the site so it is visible to all. The time duration between it showing on the backend till it is approved will show on your end as “awaiting moderation”.
9.Where is the post?
In every weekly mail and reminder, you would see words such as ‘here’ , ‘post’ or ‘here is the link’ in blue. Click on these and you would be redirected to a page where you would input the course password (also in the email) to gain access to the week’s post.
Do leave any questions you have that are not captured in the above in the comment section. We will attend to them as soon as possible.

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