This project in Ejura, is being created by Yahya, one of our 2019 Teacher Changemakers.  Yahya is a teacher at the Ebenezer Preparatory School, where this new spot is located. It was commissioned in August 2021!

Ebenezer Preparatory School spot is located at Ejura – Saboline in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. Ejura is a rural area dominanted with farming activities with a population of about 70, 807 people.

The community has two senior high schools, a technical school and about 30 basic schools. Most of the schooling age population are in school and very motivated to climb the academic ladder to the highest. Some activities or competitions among schools are Quiz competitions and sports.

With this high number of students in the community, the community has just one library which is located at one end of the town making accessibility difficult for most of the students. Having a spot at Ebenezer Preparatory School which is located closely to the middle of the community will create opportunity for all students to have access to a reading center. There are about six schools which are very close to the spot and can use it during school hours.

The Spot is open for the community throughout the week and weekends. Both students and others who want to use it will have the opportunity during the opening hours. Activities like “homework assistance project” will be held in the evening to assist students who would like to do their assignments at the spot. Competitions such as spelling bee, reading competitions and special Quizzes will be held on some weekends while some are be dedicated to reading alone.

Students will be monitored to track their progress and award will be given to progressive and or regular students.