New Atuabo

This project is being started by one of the 2019 changemaker grant winners, Cedella Asoma Quagraine. Cedella impressed the Reading Spots team with her project proposal and has received a £1000 grant to start her project. The project aims to reach out to the world through education in a non-traditional way. The main beneficiaries for the project are young people in New-Atuabo, in the Western Region of Ghana, Cedella’s home community. The community is far from the main Municipal library, which deterred her and her peers from visiting it when they were younger. In addition, the old and nearly finished books left on the shelves of that library were no pulling factor either, not making the long walk worth it. Though this project, which will be located within the community, Cedella, intends to ignite the minds of youth through reading and craftwork to make learning more fun and productive.

The main aim of this project is to grant the grant the children in this community between the ages of nine to fourteen years (from upper primary to JHS) books and learning materials their parents and the government cannot afford, so that they can read widely. In addition, the project will train the children with skills for making craftwork, such as, weaving and making beads. This way, they would be able to make and sell their own artefacts to support their education as well as the progress of the project .