The Atanve Spot is situated in the Akatsi North District of the Volta Region of Ghana. This Spot was started by Abdul Wadud Suleiman because he found a gap in literacy in general especially when it comes to reading and speaking in the Junior high school and this is because from where he came from, that wasn’t the case. He then consulted a colleague (Miss Susan, she is the lady on the left) who was a Lead For Ghana Fellow like himself to start a literacy club and he was able to get himself and one other colleague ( Mrs Emilia, the lady on the right)onboard. After some weeks, they found out they couldn’t do this alone because they lacked a lot of Teaching and Learning materials and that’s when his colleague (Miss Susan) spoke to him about Lawrence Dankwah being part of an organization that supports schools and communities create a safe learning environment for students and volunteers for teaching and learning. Abdul Wadud then sent Lawrence a message on WhatsApp, filled the volunteer form and became a volunteer in November, 2021 and today the spot has more than 10 volunteers.


Since we have most of the students coming from Togo and others walking miles to school, we have included spot activities in our school time table for easy achievement of goals. Those in the community make use of the spot in the evenings hence gaining more access than those outside the community.
Generally, spot users are more confident when it comes to expressing themselves, reading and writing. Individually, there were spot users who wouldn’t participate in anything because they thought they had no capacity but after some one-on-one session’s with them they pick up and end up enjoying themselves more.



Our local donors like a lecturer whose wife is a catalyst donating books to the spot and the community chief as well.

  And aside all these things, spot users also love sports.

      Our Spot’s library had a first face lift with the grant we got from EduSpots and we are hopeful for more to make the spot a comfortable place with access to 1000 African books for easy relation to the stories. We are grateful for the change experienced in the community since EduSpots was introduced. Individually, it has improved performance and confidence of these Spot users and generally , it has reduced the rate in teenage pregnancies, streetism, drug abuse and the rate of truancy in the school and community. Akpè na wo EduSpots (Thank you EduSpots) . Mawu ne yra wo (God bless you)