Zangbalun Spot is situated within Zangbalun community in the kumbungu district of the northern region of Ghana, was established in 2022 by Iddrisu Abdul-Malik. Mr. Abdul-Malik, a graduate of the university of cape Coast with a bachelor of education in science, is a journalist and a passionate advocate for Community Development.


His commitment to expanding educational opportunities to underserved communities was influenced by the firsthand educational challenges he faced and further fueled by his experience as an alumnus of lead for Ghana, where he actively participated in initiatives geared towards providing quality education to children in Ghana.

Through Lead for Ghana, HERPol -Africa and other organizations, Abdul-Malik gained valuable insights and skills in Community engagement, leadership, and project management which he leveraged in the establishment of Zangbalun spot by engaging community leaders and headteachers within Zangbalun.

Drawing on his background education, journalism, as well as his community development advocacy, Mr. Abdul-Malik founded the Zangbalun Spot with the belief that every child deserves access to quality education and opportunities for personal growth.


Zangbalun Spot serves as a hub for educational enrichment and community engagement, hosting a variety of activities led by dedicated Catalyst (Volunteers). The club currently boasts eleven volunteers and facilitate four distinct clubs:

•The ECOSTEM Club conducts science exploration sessions to spark the curiosity and foster scientific inquiry among members
• The EDULIT Club focuses on enhancing literacy skills through interactive learning activities and reading initiatives
• The EduKids club caters to early learners, providingengaging educational experience tailored to their development needs
•The IGNITE EQUITY Club addresses gender equity and equality issues through discussions, awareness campaigns and advocacy efforts within the community.

Zangbalun Spot lacks sufficient resources  to support learning and promote educational attainment. but the few available resources span from various subject and genres,educational materials such as posters, some teaching aids etc. The Spot aims to facilitate a conducive learning environment and empower community members to pursue their educational aspirations.

Looking ahead, Zangbalun Spot harbors ambitious goals for the future, guided by the Mr. Abdul-Maliks vision of transformative change and community empowerment. As articulated, the Spot aims to evolve into a vibrant learning hub where every individual within the Kumbungu district has the opportunity to thrive academically and personally.

The Spot seeks to instill a love for learning, equipcommunity members with essential knowledge and skills and foster critical thinking, creativity and problem-solvingabilities.

Ultimately, the Spot aspires to make a lasting impact by breaking down educational barriers, promoting social inclusion, and nurturing the next generation of leaders and change makers within the community.