Atsata Bame

Atsata Bame is a Spot located in the Akatsi North District of the Volta Region. The Spot was founded by Galley John Bosco.

   The Spot partakes in all the strands (Edukidz, EduLit, EcoStem, Ignite Equity and Spot Ops). Our sessions are always fun filled hence the students are always eager to visit the Spot.


The Spot recently embarked on a tree planting exercise which had most community members involving themselves in this exercise.

     Engaging students in academic works outside the regular school hours has NEVER been a problem in my community. We have been organizing preps for our final year students so parents are used to it.

The literacy rate has improved and the confidence of our students have been improved.The students have also developed the habit of reading for pleasure, they also speak and write better.