Book Aid International

We are delighted to be partnered with Book Aid International. Like us, Book Aid International believes in the power of books to transform lives. Each year they supply around one million carefully selected, brand new books to libraries and facilities across the world, reaching an estimated 29 million people. They do this through support from publishers who donate the books and a network of partners across the globe who supply them to local projects, such as libraries, schools and universities.

We are thrilled to be one of their partners in Ghana. We received our first shipment of books from Book Aid in 2018 and our about to receive our second donation. Book Aid aim to supply mainly the types of books that we require most (we supply them with a requirement list at the beginning of the year) and we have been very excited about sets of books that mean we can run reading clubs with everyone reading the same books and books on African development/ NGO management.

Book Aid also run projects and programmes skilling up and supporting teachers and librarians. We look forward to hopefully working with them on this in the future in order to make sure the donation of books we get from Book Aid and that are supplied into our Reading Spots across Ghana have the biggest possible impact.