Adu Boahen shares his experiences of volunteering in Akumadan!

Dearly, I, Adu Boahen, believe that I was born to teach, and as teaching is a priority for me, I also prioritise volunteer work in this area. I am a Senior High School graduate and now a volunteer for Reading Spot and Akumadan community to be precise .

It is some months now since I started to work with my other colleague librarian called James Donkor, and in this time I have really realised the great impact Reading Spots has had in the Akumadan community and many other nearby villages like Afrancho, Nkenkaasu, Sraneso, through the community library.

From this passion which has developed through our volunteer work we have now encouraged 20 volunteers to help who have been of a great aid to us and the community. They always come in to help assist the kids in reading, arranging the library and also are advertisement agents of Reading Spot.

The Akumadan Drama Club with volunteers!

They also enhance the impact of the project in running the clubs in the library which are reading and writing club for kids and illiterates, drama club for everyone, science and mathematics club for high school students and upper primary people, then debating club for everyone too. Our drama club performs plays in local churches on important social topics such as malaria prevention.

We, the volunteer team, have also created a keep fit club which goes on health walk and jogging on Sundays. We also organised storytelling and art challenge on every Friday and Sunday evenings, all to promote proactivity in reading spot. This had made us know how reading and fun collaborate. Because of these, the library is always busy with people making their private studies, readings, other educational facts.

Volunteers and children after completing the ‘Anansi and the Pot of Wisdom’ mural!

We love being volunteers because we are with a perception that doing something with passion does not mean is done for someone but will later become part of your successful growth, well-being and grace.

See us lifting Reading Spot on the shoulders of a dearest nation Ghana…

Thank you to all for their support that has led us to have this opportunity.

Akumadan volunteers celebrating winning the TES International Award!

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