Akumadan Spot volunteers hold May Day EduFun festival!

This report on Akumadan’s ‘EduFun’ event was written by Akumadan volunteer, Louis Kwame Kratse 

All work and no play they say, makes Jack a dull boy. Well, there wasn’t a dull moment in Akumadan community, as kids filled the event ground earlier than expected for Akumadan community library’s May Day EduFun. One couldn’t have asked for more as the kids enjoyed every bit of the fun games, story telling, face painting, drama, music, dance and the rest of activities slated on the day. It was also a condusive learning atmosphere as the volunteers present on the day took the kids through the various fun activities. As school resumes in the week ahead, volunteers of EduSpots in Akumadan which is the district capital of Offinso North (Ghana) thought it wise to organise a fun activity to refreshen pupils of Akumadan before school reopens.

It was a free event for all kids/pupils from class 3 to JHS( Junior High School). A total of 77 kids were present on the day for the event, with 12 volunteers present to take the kids through the various activities. Activities that were slated for the day included storytelling, fun games, drama, music and dance, bead making, crotcheting and many more.

The event was supposed to start at 3pm and end at 7pm but some of the kids showed up hours before 3pm.!This promoted the volunteers present by then to engage them with the face painting and some trendy music. In my interview with some of the kids after the event, they were really happy for being part of the EduFun event. Some said they never thought they could stand infront of such crowd to exhibit their talent and called for more of such event. Some other kids confessed to me that the snacks (popcorn, yogurt, ice-cream, etc) that were shared was the best part of the event.

The main motive for this year’s event was to bring out the hidden talents in the kids and also help them release stress. This objective was partly achieved as some kids wished we could provide them with computers, keyboard, drum sets and the likes to exhibit their talents. Furthermore, lack of sponsorship and limited number of chairs were among the challenges that hindered the event from reaching its full objective.

Nonetheless, I will like to use this opportunity to commend our volunteers for their contribution to this event. Especially those that supported financially. Their financial support helped us in making the eveny a success and also getting some snacks for the kids. Going forward, I think getting a much bigger space for this event, getting more sponsors onboard, acquiring some computers, musical instruments and some fun materials would be of great benefit.

Louis Kwame Kratse is a self motivated change agent and a musician. Louis holds a first degree in Integrated Community Development and is focused in bringing a positive impact in any environment that he finds himself. Louis volunteers as a facilitator and a club leader of music and advisor to Akumadan EduSpots and the whole EduSpots body, am also assisting in helping Adu and the team establish a library committee. 

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