Construction has started on the new Spot in Elmina!

EduSpots is working with the community in Elmina to create a new Spot,  partnering with We Building architects and Al Construct in this process. 

EduSpots has been working with volunteers in Elmina since 2016, with several smaller Spots operating in schools in this area. Most recently, Catalyst and Peer Mentor Benjamin Eikins has been instrumental in leading a STEM club of local students in joining our monthly STEM challenges and organising STEM camps, festivals and exhibitions for learners in Elmina, working from a small Spot currently positioned within a shop. 

On 26th June, a sod cutting ceremony was held at the site of the new building to commemorate the start of the construction of a new Spot in the community which will serve a larger number of learners providing them with a more comfortable, spacious and serene learning atmosphere. The site is raised so as to ensure that if the land is flooded, key resources will always be protected in the upstairs room. Benjamin relays that, “the building is gradually being lifted and that; the community members are highly enthusiastic about the project”.


The basic construction of this project is intended to be completed by September this year, with additional funding required for the full completion of the project which will include an outside wall, outdoor furniture and further room separations. Do contact Chair Cat Davison if you would like to support the final stages of the consultation of this project.


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