Construction is underway at the new Spot in Savelugu!

EduSpots is working with the community in Savelugu to create a new Spot, partnering with Chalk Cliff Trust, De La Rue Foundation, CB & HH Taylor Trust and Pignatelli Foundation, in this process.

The Savelugu Spot was founded in 2019 by Nimatu Abdul-Rahman, a local nurse with an avid passion for empowering her community through education. Her journey to establishing the Spot began when she secured a grant from EduSpots as part of our partnership with African Science Academy, to create a mini library for the underserved students at the school she once attended, Yoo Roman Catholic Junior High School. Upon its creation, students have displayed remarkable growth in their vocabulary and writing skills as well as improved academic performance and increased interest in science and maths. This has been achieved despite challenges concerning the current learning environment, a small office in a government school.

To continue to cater to more learners in the community, EduSpots aims to create an innovative new solar-powered library based on its Dream Spot Model. The new facility will function as an educational hub, offering access to quality educational materials, homework assistance, STEM, literacy, and female empowerment clubs. The installation of solar power will serve as a source of sustainable energy for the center, enabling the operation of lights, computers, and other digital educational tools. This setup not only alleviates the burden of ongoing electricity expenses on the community, but also offers a reliable space of learning in an area where power outages are common.

Current EduLit student Wireduwaa Florena shares, “I feel more confident than before, the activities we do are very fun, we learn a lot and we enjoy reading time in the club.” Her increased confidence and enjoyment awaits over 1000 learners expected to benefit from the center.

On 25th of November 2023, a sod cutting ceremony was held at the site of the new building to commemorate the start of the construction of a new Spot. The basic construction of this project is intended to be completed by September this year. Do contact Founder, Cat Davison if you would like to support the final stages of the consultation of this project.





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