EduSpots launches its new app! 

This week, EduSpots is launching the trial version of its app, a digital tool designed to enable EduSpots’ 300 local voluntary educators, ‘Catalysts’, to effectively devise and manage their locally rooted education spaces (‘Spots’), accessing EduSpots’ programmes and learning resources which reach over 10,000 learners annually. 

Conceived from the outset as a ‘Facebook for community educators’, EduSpots intends that the app will strengthen the EduSpots community, enabling local Catalysts to build individual and Spot profiles, update activities and achievements, and engage with staff and other Catalysts across the network. 

The app has been fully funded by the Gower Street Trust, who have been transformative supporters of EduSpots’ work since 2022. EduSpots also gives thanks to Engagedu, who they have worked closely with across the last six months to develop the initial trial version of the app. 


The key initial function of the app is to provide Catalysts with a tool that enables them to coordinate and track local Spot activities. This includes registration of new Spot learners and volunteers, gaining permissions and completing checks, and monitoring their engagement with the Spot’s activities and resources. 

The app will in turn enable EduSpots’ staff team to track Spot opening hours, resource borrowing, club activities, learner and Catalyst participation and local fundraising at a glance, allowing the team to provide strong mentorship to our Catalysts based on the data received, also enabling EduSpots to better understand and monitor their impact. 

In time, the app will also be a vital tool for management of our programmes for both Catalysts and learners, with Catalysts accessing a wide range of training programmes, monthly challenges and resources, also gaining feedback, recognition and support.

Catalysts and Spots will be able to build personalized profiles, receive programme certification and recognition, and interact with others across the EduSpots network, thus strengthening the relationships with and between their growing volunteer base across 15 regions of Ghana.  

EduSpots’ in-house story books such as our Kwame’s Adventures Series, set in Spot communities and featuring Catalysts and learners, will also be placed on the app to enable wide access to these popular locally developed stories.  

Community-driven process 

EduSpots will be working closely with a selected cohort of 30 Catalysts to advance the app across the next year, building the functionality from the tools and systems that will best enable them to lead their Spots effectively, enabling the learners and Catalysts to work towards our vision of a world where communities come together to create the worlds they want to see through education. 

The 30 Catalysts will be trained in the effective usage of the app and accompanying digital skills as part of EduSpots’ 10 month Catalyse Leadership Programme, funded by the EA Foundation, which launches with a 5 day residential Academy in April 2024. 

As part of this Academy, EduSpots are hosting a Digital Launch Day including a panel event exploring the role of digital tools in reducing educational inequality. They are grateful for the support of the following invited guests: Professor Elsie Effah Kaufmann, Dean of the School of Engineering Sciences, University of Ghana, and National Science and Maths Quiz Host; Mr Aaron Akwaboah, Director for Strategy and Innovation at the Ministry of Education; Mrs Gifty Ghansah, Headmistress of African Science Academy; Mr Charles Antipem, CEO and Co-Founder of Dext Technology; Mr Nana Kwame Appiakubi, Regional Director, Central Region, Ghana Library Authority; Ms Nana Afua Serwaa, ‘Shecanic’, Wanderlust Ghana.

Wider digitalisation process 

The app is being trialed alongside a wider digitalisation process, through which EduSpots is providing an initial cluster of Spots with over 100 tablets and accompanying wifi kits, that will allow them to access the app, alongside a wide range of other educational apps, enabling them to access learning tools and online books with a focus on frequently requested stories by local authors and curriculum specific textbooks. 

EduSpots plans to roll-out the app and wider digitalisation process to its full network of 300 Catalysts across 50 communities through the relaunch of its two-year Ignite Programme planned for the end of 2024, which will provide all volunteers with comprehensive training in a mix of education, safeguarding, project management, digital skills and community engagement. 

EduSpots expressed their thanks to the remarkable support of the Gower Street Trust, Wanderlust Ghana, the Fonthill Foundation, and the EA Foundation in this process, alongside all ongoing funders and supporters, particularly the mc2h foundation and the British and Foreign School Society. 

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About EduSpots: 

EduSpots is a grassroots movement that connects, trains, and equips over 300 volunteers to create and sustain educational opportunities for over 10,000 learners in underserved communities through 50 community-led spaces named ‘Spots.’ In 2023, EduSpots was selected as a finalist for the Their World Education Innovation Scale-Up Awards, and their Founder was a 2021 Global Teacher Prize Finalist. 

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