Reading Spots is expanding! New employment opportunities in the UK and Ghana

Reading Spots is at a turning point in its strategic approach and expansion as an organisation. In the past four years we have raised approximately £200,000 to create 30 community-led education spaces filled with over 60,000 books which provide communities and local schools with free resources and training to drive their own educational opportunities. Our projects are supported by a network of roughly 200 highly engaged volunteers in Ghana, and a network of 40 schools in the Uk. We hope to install solar power in all projects by 2021.

We educate pupils in UK schools about sustainable development and run various programmes in active global citizenship which sees UK pupils attend conferences, participate in online courses, lead book and resource drives, travel to Ghana and fundraise at scale. We also run a youth change maker programme in partnership with the African Science Academy in Ghana which enables young African women to drive educational change in their communities, now.

Whilst media attention has not been a strategic focus, we won the TES International Award in 2018 after being shortlisted in 2017 for the best global learning project across UK schools. For details see here. 

With the creation of four possible new positions, alongside exploring options for additional trustees, we hope to be able to continue to improve the impact of all our existing projects in Ghana and the quality of education provided to pupils in the UK, whilst raising funds to create new projects where there is proven community engagement. All of the roles listed below will play a pivotal role in determining the future of this exciting young development charity, with its innovative model based in community partnership and a belief that engaged citizens can determine their own educational outcomes.

The application deadline is 24th May but applicants are advised to apply as soon as possible and we may appoint ahead of the deadline. 

Ghana Based

Head of Education and Leadership Development in Ghana

Reading Spots Job Description Head of Education and Leadership Development May 2019

Head of Literacy Development in Ghana

Reading Spots Head of Literacy Development May 2019

UK Based

Head of UK Fundraising and Finance

Reading Spots – Head of Finance and Fundraising

Head/s of UK Schools Liaison

Reading Spots Job Description Head of UK Schools Liason May 2019

Trustee Opportunity

Reading Spots – Trustee Position

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on .

This is our most recent video created in January 2019 explaining the core principles of our model:

An earlier video, giving a flavour of the Reading Spots community:

For further details on our projects, see here.

For details of our existing team members, see here. The current leadership team is pictured during Francis Yeboah’s recent visit to the UK.

From left to right: Francis Yeboah (Head of Operations in Ghana), Cat Davison (Chair), Helen Denyer (Head of Partnerships), Paul Wilson (Trustee)

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