Francis describes his experiences in Tease

I’m Francis Yeboah, Manager of Reading Spots within Ghana. I want to use this opportunity to thank all of you for supporting us to make the Reading Spot project a success. Within a year our achievements are just unbelievable. I duff my hat for all of you because without your support, these achievements wouldn’t have been possible.

Something very interesting happened last Tuesday and I think it’s just appropriate to share with you all. In the Easter break we decided to put a new library in a town called ‘Tease’, a same which means ‘something that is alive’. Myself, Cat, Breesh and Ben our cameraman went to the Tease community to meet the chief and the elders. We were lucky to catch the chief as he was cycling away on his bicycle to another village. However, we caught him in time, and met with the community leaders. They were very happy accept our proposal for the create of a community library in Tease and asked me to come back later because they want to choose a suitable site for the project.

I received a message from them that they have finally settled on a suitable site for the library project. I went there last Tuesday, 23rd May 2017 having in mind that it was just the usual site seeing which normally involves just two elders. To my surprise, a big gathering including dignitaries- the chief, elders of the community, the school headteacher and church pastors and elders were present. Even chiefs from nearby communities were also invited. It was something beyond my imagination. In fact, I was welcome and introduced as though I was the MP.

Their enthusiasm and desire collect all the community leaders together, shows how ready they are to start the project. It also shows the importance they attach to the project. The land they decided upon is the first land to be seen on entry to the village. This reflects their view that they want the library to be a place of great importance.

I was really overwhelmed. Our 8th project is about to start.

Francis Yeboah, 26th May 2017

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