Kwabena’s Drive for Digitalisation!

Kwabena’s Story

“I know too well the power of education in transforming lives – I am a living testament to that – born in Jamasi, a village in Ghana, and now calling myself a global citizen.

I also know too well how the support of well-meaning individuals and organisations can help in this transformation. A British Chevening Scholarship is what took me on my first Accra – London journey and gave me the opportunity of a global career.

This 10,000km Accra – London trip, as I celebrate my 50 th Birthday, is a chance to relive my life-changing first journey to the UK – this time taking in the realities of life in various West and North African countries. It is also a chance for me to raise funding for and awareness of the work of a charity like EduSpots in changing lives in Ghana and Kenya.”

Kwabena Ayirebi

The Drive for Digitalisation

We believe that every learner should be able to access digital learning tools in this digital age. Currently, learners at 50% of our Spots have no access to computers, tablets or laptops, with most learners in school still learning the IT curriculum off a chalk board.

Through this campaign, EduSpots hopes to raise enough to equip all 50 Spots with at least one digital learning device, alongside the training and Spot visits needed to ensure that the impact of the technology is sustained. We are also in the process of developing an EduSpots app – more on this exciting development to follow!

To support this drive, visit this page. For further information or to share further ideas to support this campaign, email Cat Davison on email


2 thoughts on Kwabena’s Drive for Digitalisation!

  1. What a fantastic road trip! Congratulations on your successful journey to the UK. I really love what you do and would love to help!

    I have sent you an email.

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