October 2017: Reading Spots’ Books of the Month

October 2017

 Adult (African): The River Between by Thiong’o

Non-Fiction (African): Cosmopolitanism: Ethics in a World of Strangers by Appiah


Junior High Fiction (African): Pigeon English by Stephen Kelman

Primary (4-6) Fiction (African):

A Wisp of Wisdom: Animal Tales from Cameroon features 11 stories from the Korup region in Cameroon, retold by famous children’s writers and published by independent publisher Lantana. The books are being sold for £25 online and the funds are being spent on sending the book back to children in the region. Other writers involved are Lucy Christopher, Adele Geras, Sarah Lean, Elizabeth Laird, Tom Moorhouse, Beverly Naidoo and Ifeoma Onyefulu. The illustrator is Emmie van Biervliet. The book is published by Lantana Publishing, which is based in London and specialises in diverse and multicultural books.

Primary (1-3) Fiction (African): The Clever Tortoise by Gerald Rose (for P1-3)

Nominated by Isiah Tahini (age 11, from Abofour, Ashanti region)

The reason why the Clever Tortoise is my favourite African book is that after reading this you will start to use your mental faculties in new situations, and also start to think in a smart and clever way like the tortoise did. The tortoise was not strong at all, and even though he did not use his strength, he was able to take the elephant and the hippo to the conclusion that he was as strong as she was. The tortoise was therefore able to laugh at them, due to the success of his cunning idea. I like books that are critical and also improve our awareness of the world and how to make best use of our senses. This is why I have nominated Clever Tortoise as my favourite African book.

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