Reflections from Edward Amponsah on his role as Akumadan Librarian

Edward has been the librarian in the Akumadan from December 2016-August 2017 when he departed to study Economics at university in Kumasi. I first met him when he was in Junior High 2, and he later became Head Boy of the Dreamland School. These are his unedited reflections on the role: 

In my life, it has been my dream to help others for the achievement of a goal. Indeed,it was a privilege to me for rendering my service to Reading Spots, Akumadan after l graduated from high school. Being a librarian for that period was a great opportunity to me since l was passionate of the education in the area where l grew up all my life and even present there.

In fact, gone were the days that l have observed so far when school children rested their studies during holidays in my area. But with the help of Reading Spots, pupils and students do make their possible best to visit the library during such time and at anytime. Actually, the output of students didn’t showed up from the beginning but generated to the concern of all stakeholders especially parents which resulted to a massive increase in attendance of students using the library.

There were challenges that the library faced and hope if the needed help is been made by anyone concerned, since the organization can’t afford all these,there will be more to be meet by the pupils and students using the library.

This major problem is the need for computers and an internet connection preferably WIFI which will facilitate with the speedness and easy approach to research opportunities to be used by students to aid their assignments and project works which will build their knowledge on related issues. Also,any help is needed to build more libraries in remote areas to bridge the literacy gap between those areas in relation with other areas.

Through these efforts made by you, l hope the organization will achieve its aim and in a long run promote the literacy rate in Ghana to enable everyone to have access to read, write, speak and do other creative works.

Edward Amoponsah, October 2017, sent from Kumasi 

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