Thank you for supporting The Big EduSpots Book Drive!

In September, we embarked on our biggest ever campaign for book donations, to commemorate International Literacy Day. We aimed to collect 10,000 books for 10,000 learners in all our Spots.

Throughout the period of the book drive (from 8th to 30th September 2023) we received massive support from you all – individuals and organisations who either donated towards the campaign or shared our campaign materials with their networks. We also received donations from EduSpots’ staff members, Ambassadors, volunteers and wider team members. It was amazing to see the power of community in working towards a common goal. We’d like to say a big thank you for your support!

In total, we received 2,000 books (plus 620 Ghana Cedis and £125 in donations) and even though we are far from our target, we recognise the hard work and effort that went into this campaign. We also recognise the fact that now more than ever, we need to work towards ensuring that students in low resourced communities have similar opportunities to their peers, by making every effort to place books in the hands of these young minds regardless of the challenges with book availability.

All the books received from this campaign will go towards filling up the shelves in select Spots that are in dire need of books for the students who use them.

We recognise the remarkable efforts of our volunteers across various Spots during this campaign. They took the lead in designing and organising activities at their Spot level, infusing creativity and enthusiasm into the book drive. They also explored partnership opportunities with local businesses and organisations to expand the reach of their campaign.


Next Steps

Although The Big EduSpots Book Drive has officially come to a close, we’d like to make a final call to anyone who is still keen to support the book drive. You can support through any of the following channels:

Mobile money: 0593949413 (EduSpots)

Online cash donations:

All enquiries:

We also encourage you to keep following our work to find out more ways to get involved. If you don’t already, make sure to follow us on social media @eduspots

Once again, thank you for being an integral part of this campaign.


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