Thomas Kundonu, Director of the Ramsco School, has passed away

We are incredibly sorry to hear that the Director of the Ramsco School passed away yesterday. Thomas Kundonu directed this school in the very remote town of Donkorkrom for 20 years; the school was first established by a missionary who suddenly died shortly after he established the school. Determined to provide a quality education for children in this very remote area, he used funds from his own petrol station to support the school, which has allowed generations of children in the area to receive a quality education. The school’s incredibly high standards are clearly due to his leadership, and he will be sorely missed by the teachers and children. Francis Yeboah will be going to visit his family tomorrow and our thoughts are with his family, the Ramsco School and the Donkorkrom community.

Thomas is pictured in the cap with the Headmaster and Deputy Heads of the School, and Francis Yeboah
We were hugely privileged to spend a happy few days at the school in Easter


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