1000s of books sent off to Ghanaian libraries from Brighton College!

On Wednesday morning, 1000s of books were delivered by pupils and parents from across the Brighton College and Brighton College Pre-Prep community, enabling us to fill 60 boxes which are being shipped straight to Ghana this week. The pupil team worked incredibly hard to sort, stamp, and pack the books, with the Seldon House Fourth Form writing reviews to go inside books that they had particularly enjoyed reading.

This short report was written by Azaria Power and Sabina Simpson (4th Formers in Seldon House) who spent the day getting involved with the charity for the first time:

On Wednesday 27th September, the College experienced Make a Difference Day, or MAD Day. In Seldon, the Fourth Form spent the day making a difference right here in Brighton College! First, we learned more about the libraries in Ghana, which were opened due to Brighton’s own charity, Reading Spots. Reading Spots sets up a safe and enjoyable environment for children (and adults!) in Ghana to read. We each wrote a letter to somebody in Ghana, who will become our pen-pal! After this we then each reviewed a book that we had read and enjoyed thoroughly, so that we can pass our love of these books on to somebody else. 

After lunch, with a £15 budget for each of the 2 groups, we decided to take part in some baking and managed to make a batch of (very) gooey brownies and several batches of chocolate chip cookies. These yummy treats were then sold in the quad to hungry returning pupils and teachers, who had spent the day making a difference in other ways, and we managed to raise £52! This money will go to Reading Spots, so they can continue to build libraries and expand the love of reading all over Ghana. Some of the sixth form organised the books that had been donated by students, and sorted the books into whether they were suitable to go to Ghana or not. Suitable ones were then sorted again, into various categories, and the unsuitable ones were then donated to local charity shops. Fuelled by popcorn and pure determination, they packed every book into over 60 boxes and soon they will be delivered to Ghana, where they will be read by many, and inspire many more. Well done Seldon, we have MAD skills!

We would like to thank everyone who donated – the shipment will enable us to fill our most recent libraries which have just been completed in Donkorkrom and Asemkow, which are remote villages in the eastern and western regions of Ghana.

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