Second Brighton College Book Drive!

Two of our libraries are completed, but are yet to contain any books. Therefore, given the success of last year’s book drive, we have decided to once again launch a book drive on Make a Difference Day (Wednesday 27th September), and send a container of books over to Ghana. A team of pupils from across the Houses will spend the day helping to sort, cover, stamp, label, and pack the books. Therefore, we were wondering whether you might look through your bookshelves for any books that may fulfill the following criteria, which you might be willing to rehouse? We request that any donated books are left in Brighton College in the Burstow Gallery, outside the Great Hall, on the morning of Wednesday 27th September. If you are donating books from outside Brighton College, please leave books with security on Wednesday morning. 

We’d love to receive:

  • Fiction (for all ages, but children’s books would be particularly appreciated, as would any educational games and learning tools.)
  • Dictionaries (in English, and other languages – French is also often studied).
  • Encyclopedias and atlases (again, relatively recent is preferred)
  • Non-fiction (but we’d rather not receive outdated text books, revision guides, and text books extremely specific to English courses).
  • Sets of fiction books (to allow classes or library book clubs to read novels as a group)
  • African fiction, or donations to allow us to supply Ghanaians with African fiction (a link to donate: – we hope our libraries to eventually have significant African sections).
  • Working kindles, laptops, computers, and printers.

We request that the books are:

  • In extremely good condition, or new.
  • Culturally sensitive (We found a ‘How to buy your first yacht’ in a library in Ghana, once!) If in doubt, send it in, as we will sort through them all.
  • We’d rather not receive magazines, annuals, and books that are unlikely to be read.

Email Mr Paul Wilson at with any questions or suggestions. We are delighted that the Brighton College Pre-Prep has already collected over 1000 books!


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