App development program held at Akumadan Spot

The app development without coding program was organized by Akumadan EduSpot and facilitated by Emmanuel Boampong, a volunteer. The program aimed to provide participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to create functional mobile applications without the need for coding expertise.The program took place from 2pm to 5pm at the Library.

Program Overview:

The app development without coding program spanned over a duration of 90 minutes. It consisted of a combination of theoretical sessions, practical workshops, and hands-on activities designed to empower participants with the tools and techniques required to develop apps using no-code platforms. *The program covered the following key areas:*
1. Introduction to App Development: Participants were introduced to the fundamental concepts of mobile app development, including user interface design, user experience, and app functionality.
2. No-Code Platforms: The program provided an in-depth exploration of various no-code platforms available in the market. Participants were introduced to popular platforms such as Appcreator24 and Appsgeyser and were guided on how to utilize their features effectively.
3. Functionality and Logic: The program delved into the logic behind app functionality without coding. Participants learned how to map out app workflows, define data structures, and implement features such as data storage, user authentication, and in-app interactions.
4. Deployment and Monitising. Participants were introduced to platforms where they can integrate ads in their apps to generate revenue. Additionally, they were guided to test and also distribute their apps.


Participant Engagement and Outcomes:

The program witnessed active participation from a diverse group of individuals with varying backgrounds and skill levels. Participants engaged in practical exercises, shared learning and received personalized guidance from the facilitator.
Each participant successfully created their own mobile application during the program. They showcased their creativity by incorporating unique features and tailored designs into their apps. Some of the apps participants created included Book app, Flip the knife app, car racing app, etc.

Feedback and Recommendations:

The app development without coding program received overwhelmingly positive feedback from participants. They appreciated the program’s comprehensive outline, hands-on approach, and the expertise of the facilitator. Some suggestions for improvement include:
1. Continued Support: Participants expressed a desire for continued support and access to resources even after the program concludes. Providing post-program resources, online communities, or networking opportunities could foster ongoing learning and collaboration.
2. Digital Literacy: It is highly recommended that EduSpot adds Digital Literacy to their programs to equip volunteers and beneficiaries of the spot with basic computing skills. It was observed that some participants mostly mistook address bar for search bar.
3. Extended Duration: Due to time constraints, some important aspects of the training such as deploying the apps to appstores and also creating ads user IDs could not be dealt with. For enhanced learning experience, the training should be organized for twice or more.


The app development without coding program conducted by EduSpot proved to be a valuable learning experience for participants. By equipping them with no-code development skills, the program empowered individuals to create functional mobile applications without prior coding knowledge. The positive feedback received demonstrates the program’s effectiveness in achieving its objectives. We look forward to building upon this success in future iterations of the program. 25 people were trained of which 4 were females.


To individuals who funded the program and also the project lead, Adu Boahen Carlos for organizing such a significant program.
Article written by the Akumadan Volunteer team 

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