Big Ghana Book Drive September 2018

We are organising another book drive this September to enable us to stock the numerous empty shelves and numerous requests from community leaders and volunteers across our 17 projects in Ghana. Book collections are taking place in several different locations, to eventually leave Brighton on the 26th September. Pupils at Brighton College will be sorting, stamping, labelling, covering and packing the books as part of their annual ‘Make a Difference Day’ on the 26th September.

We are delighted to have partnered with Book Aid International who have already donated 2000 brand new and specially selected books to add to the shipment.

If you would like to organise a book collection in your community please do get in touch! We can help with organising transportation of books to Brighton.


For more information on the specific details of timings and drop of locations for each school or areas’s collection please contact those listed below:

We’d love to receive:

  • Children’s fiction/non-fiction (children’s books with pop-ups, noises, etc are always particularly popular!)
  • Dictionaries (in English and in other languages – French is often studied).
  • Encyclopedias and atlases (again, recent is preferred)
  • Adult non-fiction (note that we’d rather not receive outdated text books, revision guides, and text books specific to English courses. I’ve observed that motivational and self-help books are particularly well-read.)
  • Adult fiction (please only donate high quality fiction that is likely to be read).
  • Science books (these are in particularly high demand)
  • Any educational resources (e.g. abacuses, shape boxes, spelling cards, etc.)
  • Excellent quality and fully operational kindles, laptops, computers, and printers.
  • African books, or much needed donations to allow us to supply our projects with African fiction and much needed text books (here’s the link to donate specifically to this cause:

We request that the books are:

  • In very good condition, or new.
  • Culturally sensitive – if in doubt, send it in, as we will sort through them all.
  • If non-fiction: books should ideally not be not older than 5 years old.
  • We’d rather not receive magazines, annuals, and books that are unlikely to be read.

The books will be shipped directly to Ghana and we will directly supervise the transportation of books into the hands of community members running our Reading Spots! There are many empty shelves to fill!

Please do not hesitate to contact Cat Davison and Paul Wilson at should you have any further questions or if you might be able to support the development of this project in any way at all.

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