Congratulations to our Volunteers of the Month of February!

“We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.” – Mother Teresa

EduSpots has a dream of a collective future; a dream where communities unite to create the desired change they want to see. But this vision is futile without our changemakers who hold the fort in communities and various areas of our work.

This post is in honour of our Volunteers for the Month of February; two large drops in the EduSpots ocean without which our work would not be complete. We bring to the limelight two gentlemen whose work are advancing the EduSpots dream of Our Collective Future.

Meet Edward Kwame Panku and Adam Khanbai, our Volunteers of the Month of February!


Edward Kwame Panku – Dodome Awuiasu Spot

Edward Kwame Panku is a professional teacher and Dodome Awuiasu Spot EduSpots volunteer. In 2019, Edward was introduced to EduSpots by the project leaders for Dodome Awuiasu, Christian Modzaka, and Selorm Adzimah. The fact that he saw EduSpots as a platform for people to give back to society by assisting young learners in communities influenced his decision to become a volunteer.

Edward believes he was born to be an educator, which is why he chose education as a career. His hobbies include drawing, cooking, and listening to cool music. He spends his free time online learning, particularly about creative design.

His life philosophy is that hard work pays off in the long run, and that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. One thing that keeps Edward motivated is seeing the students eager for knowledge all the time.

Edward has been a tremendous help in expanding the Dodome Awuiasu Spot, particularly in the area of literacy. His Spot has become more active as a result of his consistent engagement of learners in literacy-improving activities. Not only has Dodome Awuiasu become more active, but the number of learners using the Spot has increased. His students are more confident now, and they participate in the Monthly Literacy Challenges, where they placed second in the December 2022 and January 2023 creative literacy challenges.

Edward believes in personal development and and is currently pursuing a first-year degree in Clothing and Textile. He is currently the project leader and literacy lead at his Spot.


Fun fact about Edward: He loves to eat!



Adam Khanbhai – UK

Adam Khanbhai is one of our longest-serving volunteers who has been involved with EduSpots since its inception. He has known the founder, Ms. Catherine Davison, since their university days and has been a strong supporter and follower of EduSpots’ work since its inception.

Adam believes that education is extremely important because it is a vehicle for change, and he admires those who work in the education industry. In his words, he particularly “admires their dedication and enthusiasm and the impact of the work they do in young people’s lives”.

Adam enjoys outdoor recreation and plays hockey and cricket in his spare time. Another of his favorite pastimes is Cryptic crossword puzzles. Adam’s life philosophy is to seek out new challenges and have fun. He also draws his inspiration from the people around him.

Adam Khanbai is presently an EduSpots Trustee. In this role, he brings his expertise in finance and accounting to bear by providing hands-on and strategic support for EduSpots’ financial accounting and planning. He also has a knack for fundraising and assists EduSpots in this area. For instance, in the December 2022 Big Give charity fundraising campaign, he raised a significant amount of money for EduSpots and helped us meet our goal—and then some!

Additionally, he is overseeing the construction of a building for the Elmina Spot. Adam aspires to help EduSpots grow and prosper in the near future. He is currently a Freelance business consultant in London and has a rich experience working in Investment Management prior to his current role.


Fun fact about Adam: he can juggle


Congratulations Adam and Edward, your commitment and interest has made a real difference to the EduSpots network!


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