EduSpots’ 2024 national conference is here!

The national conference which will take place in Accra from January 3rd to 6th 2024, will be a momentous gathering of EduSpots volunteers, staff members and partners.

EduSpots exists to connect, train, and equip over 250 local ‘Catalysts’ (Spot Volunteers) – a mix of teachers, students and community members – who create and sustain transformative literacy and STEM opportunities through a network of 50 education spaces named ‘Spots’ in Ghana and Kenya, with a focus on female empowerment and environmental sustainability

In May 2023, we launched our new Ignite Programme which enabled over 250 Catalysts to engage in collaborative training across a range of areas including early years literacy, JHS creative literacy, STEM & Sustainability education, girls’ empowerment, and Spot Operations.

Following this, Catalysts opted to lead various community club strands (EduKidz, EcoSTEM, EduLit, Ignite Girls and Spot Ops) in their communities, with over 100 community clubs established, who engage in monthly challenges, alongside wider community-led activities.

January 2024 represents the midpoint of the 2 year Ignite programme; we wanted to celebrate the successes of the Catalysts so far in their communities through a National conference which will include a mid-point graduation ceremony and annual awards event, whilst also equipping our most committed Catalysts with the skills to lead effective ‘ReIgnite’ events at their Spots in late January.

Conference programme

The conference programme will consist of:

Catalyst training

The conference will bring 80 committed local Catalysts together from 40 communities across rural Ghana in Accra for a 2-day collaborative training experience. This will equip the Catalysts with the skills to create and facilitate local events at their ‘Spots’ (community-led libraries). These Catalysts upon returning to their communities will then roll the training out to a wider group totalling over 250 local Catalysts who collectively impact an estimated 10,000+ learners. The conference will also be an opportunity to engage the Catalysts in EduSpots’ strategic 5-10 year plan. We will also lead safeguarding training for Catalysts to further rollout at their Spots.

Graduation ceremony, awards night and partnerships event

The final night of the conference will be a graduation and awards night celebration, with partners and wider supporters invited to join in a celebration of EduSpots’ work across the past 8 years. Our Keynote speaker, Elsie Effah Kaufmann, Dean of the School of Engineering Sciences in University of Ghana, will open the night.

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