Bracelets for Change

Abigail from Cape Coast in the Central of Ghana, is well-known in her local area for hand-making colourful woven bracelets and other accessories. We asked her to make green, yellow and red multi-coloured bracelets – with those colours being symbolic of the Ghanaian national flag – for us to sell them in our schools in the UK.

Not only is our hope for them to spread awareness of Reading Spots and the importance of supporting the quality of education offered globally, they are also sold in support of local craftsman like Abigail in Ghana who are given a fair price for their work. Each bracelet is £2 – your small change will create change in the educational provision offered by Reading Spots in areas local to Abigail.

This is one of numerous products in connection with the student-developed brand and social enterprise, Mina Clothing. They are sold along with other clothing and fabric made by different local craftsmen. Have a look at our Reading Spots website or email to place an order!

The Sevenoaks School pupil ambassadors 31/01/2019


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