Reading Spots Pupil Ambassadors Launch MINA Clothing!

The Reading Spots pupil ambassadors at Sevenoaks School have launched ‘MINA clothing’ – a small-scale social enterprise which is supporting local craftsmen and women with fair prices, whilst also raising funds for solar panels for Reading Spots projects across rural areas of Ghana, which many of Yaw’s friends at Stumble Inn, Ghana,  install for free, across the country.

All the products we sell are hand-made in Elmina, Ghana by Yaw Moore. Elmina is a fishing community in the Central Region of Ghana on the south coast of Ghana, previously known for its role in the former transatlantic slave trade, but more recently known for its vibrant fishing industry and increasing reputation as a tourist destination.

Ever since Yaw was a little boy, his mother would send him to go to a shoemaker to repair his family’s shoes. During his time spent at the shoemaker’s shop, his interest in fashion began. He would ask the shoemaker many questions about the trade. Having learnt different skills, he went on as a teenager to repair shoes for his friends in Akumadan High School (in the Ashanti region, where we happen to have another Reading Spot).

After graduating, he made the decision to start his own business, moving from Kumasi to Cape Coast, sleeping on the streets, with only a box filled with necessary tools for making shoes and clothes. One day, he realised that there was a town called Elmina on the south side of the coast and travelled there hoping to find more customers. Eventually, Yaw opened a shop in Elmina which he still owns today. Now he makes a range of colourful, one-of-a-kind products such as clothing, jewellery and different fabrics.

Reading Spots works with Yaw to sell these products, with all the products we sell going to support local craftsmen like Yaw and community-led education centres across Ghana’s most rural areas.

Our first product are the multi-material trousers shown above – perfect for pyjamas! You can get your own pair at £17 for 1 or £30 for 2. Email to place an order!

We are currently working on a short film to explain more about this project! To follow soon…

Paloma, Pupil Ambassador at Sevenoaks School 

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