First Great Sevenoaks’ Bake-Off for Reading Spots

On Wednesday 28th November, the Great Sevenoaks Bake Off was launched! We had incredibly impressive entries in both categories of 1) gingerbread and 2) African showstoppers.

Gingerbread houses with stunning decorations and LED lit interiors made the competition incredibly difficult for the judges. This was also to be said for the African showstoppers, with carved elephants made from fondant and beautiful drawings representative of African ornaments.

Throughout the day at the student led Sevenoaks Christmas fair, many people were amazed by the cakes, which helped increase the awareness of Reading Spots, as they were encouraged to ask multiple questions about the cause behind the baking. The judges included many of the faculty and scores for every baking creation consisted of a score for taste, innovation and decoration. At the end of the day, the outstanding chocolate and orange cake made by Rosina from middle school took first prize in the cake category and Grace won the gingerbread category. We must also not forget Ms Davison’s very own contributions to the competition with her gingerbread army!

Another great benefit of this competition was the fact that we were able to raise a lot of money from selling slices of the cakes to students during the following break time and auction the gingerbread houses (which we thought were far too well constructed to demolish) to members of the staff at the school.

It is worth saying a huge congratulations to all those who took part and that the future of the Sevenoaks Bake Off looks bright! All profits will go towards supporting investment in solar power across Reading Spots projects.

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