September UK Book and Resources Collection!

On ‘Make a Difference Day’ on Wednesday September 25th, pupils and staff at Brighton College will spend the day volunteering in the community. A team of pupils will be helping to sort, stamp, cover and pack donated books before they are shipped directly to 37 community ‘Edu Spots’ Ghana.

Could you look for anything in the list below, which you might be willing to rehouse? We are appealing to anyone, anywhere, who might be able to contribute!

We’d particularly love to receive:
  • Children’s fiction (children’s books with pop-ups, noises, etc are always particularly popular!)
  • Books to support early reading and learning
  • Dictionaries and language books (foreign language dictionaries and guides are popular)
  • Maths and science books and text books.
  • Encyclopedias and atlases (recently published books are preferred)
  • Children’s and adult’s non-fiction (science books, and motivational/self-help books are particularly requested)
  • Adult books (but only if you think it is a particularly good read, or a classic)
  • Any educational resources, toys or games (e.g. abacuses, shape boxes, spelling cards, etc.)
  • Fully operational kindles, laptops, computers, CD players, tape players, projectors and printers.
  • African fiction and non-fiction (in very high demand)
  • Donations to allow us to purchase African fiction and text books in Ghana (visit:
We request that the books are:
  • In good condition, or new.
  • Culturally sensitive – if in doubt, send it in, as we will sort through them all.
  • We’d rather not receive magazines, annuals, and books that are unlikely to be read.
  • Donations to support the high shipping cost are also much appreciated (either via the above link, or donated in a clearly marked envelop attached to your donation).
We request that any donated books are left in the Brighton College Burstow Gallery on Tuesday 24th September and the morning of Wednesday 25th September (before 9am).
To ask questions or find out more about the EduSpots project more widely, do visit or email

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