Abofour readers make predictions for “Wonder”!

“Wonder” by Palacio: My Next Chapter after the “Bleeding Scream” Moment

The Abofour Readers’ Club were given a challenge of writing the next chapter after the ‘Bleeding Scream’ in Auggie’s voice, in just 200 words. Remember this is their second language – their first language is called ‘Twi’. They are from years 7-9 (JHS), and aged 11-14. They were given 25 minutes to complete the task. The teacher I/C the Readers’ Club picked just 6 for you to read! 

To understand the context, you must read up to page 78 in Palacio’s “Wonder” – the Bleeding Scream is a particularly important chapter, as something upsetting happens!  

At the Last Moment

When I overheard what Julian and Jack Will had said, I felt like I was in a world of darkness and pain. I felt that I was nobody but a monster that people felt afraid of. I ran as fast as I could to a very silent place; the names they called me were haunting me in the very back of my mind.

I ran home feeling very sad and I locked myself in the bedroom and cried until my eyes could not bring any more tears. I felt so bad after hearing what Jack Will had said about me. I thought everything had fallen apart till I heard a knock on the door. I thought it was Mr Tushman, because I’ve been absent from school since that day, but I was wrong, it was Summer.

After I let her in she asked me what was wrong with me. At first, I didn’t want to tell her. She insisted. She couldn’t believe what I said I had heard. She said: ‘Disability is not an inability so focus on what you want to achieve in the future. Don’t mind what people are saying at your back.”

These sweet words made me feel love and I decided to go back to school. My Jack’s words hung in my mind and my heart, the tears fell again.

By Najet Sarfowaa

Why I didn’t go to school

After hearing the discussion between Jack Will and Julian, I became very nervous. It had made me feel like I was nobody to them. I walked so slowly like a snail all the way home. On the way, I fell to the ground near a tree, and tears flowed into the grass like a lake. I left my scream costume right there – it had not protected me.

I reached home and locked myself in my room. Mummy called out “Auggie, Auggie!”, but I didn’t mind her. I was alone, crying. I wouldn’t come out.

That evening mum and dad tried to open the door but they couldn’t. I slept with hunger.

A day later, I heard Summer’s voice. I quickly went down and told her about everything. She spoke to Jack and Julian and warned them never to say anything about me again. But I became angry with mum and dad for sending me to school – I told them that this was all the consequence of their decision.

By Joshua Frimpong  

Life is a Battle

 After I overheard the conversation, and went and informed the Principal, Mr Tushman. But on the way, I stopped on the stairs, as I saw Summer at the cafeteria. I explained what happened in the homeroom and she started crying. She went with me to the Principal’s office. We were both nervous because we thought Jack Will would be punished, and would have to leave Beecher’s Prep. I was wondered about the problems this might cause for me. Mr Tushman asked us what our mission was and Summer exclaimed: “If he was Auggie he would have killed himself!” We told him everything.

Mr Tushman asked Summer to leave the room. He advised me that life is full of adversities and tragedy, and that I should focus on my own goals. All day I sat and thought about what the Principal had said.

When I went home I just told my mum I was tired, and went to bed. I return to school the next day, and went to to thank Mr Tushman for his advice. I continued my conversations with Jack as if nothing had happened.

By Mercy Tiawah


I was very angry when I heard Jack Will and Julian gossiping about me – like Jack saying that he would kill himself if he was like me. I will make sure I stop hanging out with him. Because he is not the kind of person that I thought he was. He is very rude. Because I heard them saying that I went out crying, rushing to a corner. When I raised my head, I saw Jack standing in front of me. I wiped my tears. I pretended that I had never heard him, and that everything was as ordinary.

Jack said: “Wassup friend, how are you doing?” He had recognised me because I had thrown away the mask. I said “I’m good. Just have a headache.”

I ran all the way home and buried myself in my sheets until I heard the gentle voice of my mum “sweetie, what’s up?” I told her everything. They told me not to worry and to forgive Jack as everybody can sometimes say things that they don’t mean. And so, in my mind I forgave him, and returned to school. Everything was as normal.

By Vincentcia Zubaviel  

Forgiveness Wins Against Revenge

My heart was broken when I heard Jack Will’s words. I became so panicked; I was speechless. So I ran away so fast towards my home without noticing my dog Daisy. However, when I ran my mask had slipped, and Jack has seen me. He was so ashamed of himself he found it difficult to utter a single word.

Eventually he shouted: “August! Please, I am so sorry and it wasn’t my intention to do it.” I didn’t talk to him. Jack said that I shouldn’t blame him, as his best friends had all started to say mean things about him. He left. I Iooked down at the floor. There were knocks at the door. I didn’t open it. I sat down on the floor. I wanted to kill myself.

Suddenly I had Summer shouting “Don’t do anything stupid to yourself!” The moment I heard her I opened the door. Together we discussed everything. She told me that everyone missed me back at school, but I would not go.

Eventually my parents found out and informed Mr Tushman. When Via heard she shouted so angrily at the top of her voice.

A lot of words came into my mouth when I saw Jack again, but I did not utter them. Mr Tushman advised me that forgiveness wins over revenge.

By Augustina Adwebeng 

Happiness and Sadness

I became confused when I heard that they were gossiping about me, oh sad, I thought to myself and left there to be in my room at home and locked the door. Mum knocked and the door and said: “sweetie come out and let’s talk!”. “No!” I said. From there Summer came and knocked the door and said “Auggie we have missed you so come out”.

When Auggie heard that, he became excited because none of his friends had done a thing like that before, and so this made him very happy. So he opened the door and found his mum.

“Mum please I’m sorry for what I did when you knocked on the door”, I said. She replied, “No don’t be sorry.” From Auggie chatted away with Summer, and he knew that nothing too bad could happen to him.

By Joseph Edward Addae

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  1. These are such creative endings and sound like they could be turned into a whole knew chapter just from those endings. Your writing is amazing, well done.

  2. I really like these predictions and I love how imaginative they are. I think they have the right idea about what is going to happen and what August is going to do about what Jack says.

  3. Those stories were really good! Your English is amazing, they’re really well written and I can see you’ve put lots of effort!

  4. Some very thoughtful comments, your English is impeccable!
    Great use of punctuation and adjectives for example ‘adversities’-what does that mean?!
    This is extremely good especially considering this is your second Language.

    Well Done!

  5. Those predictions were amazing! The use of English was incredible, especially as it may be quite hard for some of you ( it would be for me if I was learning it as a second language!!). I especially liked the phrase: “Disability is not an inability so focus on what you want to achieve in the future. Don’t mind what people are saying at your back.” What a creative and intelligent quote. You all have such creative writing skills and I look forward to hearing more from you and your friends in the near future.

  6. Hello L3rd, Miss Davison here! Hello from Ghana! Thanks so much for your comments. I just wanted to mention to give you a bit more background, that these pupils learn everything in English from Primary School – so it is a ‘second language’ but not in the same sense as you learning French or Spanish, as all of their education is in English!

    I would love you to try to comment on specific aspects of their stories that you found compelling or well expressed. Please do reference a specific story that you liked, and give a specific reason why – quoting sections of their writing in particular would help the pupils in Ghana to get detailed feedback on their work.

    Think about the kind of feedback you’d like if you wrote a short story, and apply it to them. General comments about their English being great won’t progress their learning as much.

  7. Those were really good predictions. I could never write like that in my second language! There was great use of punctuation and adjectives. Well done.

  8. I really enjoyed all of the predictions!
    They were super interesting and used some really amazing phrases and vocab! I particularly liked the phrase: ‘life is full of adversities and tragedies, and that I should focus on my own goals.’

  9. All of these are really great predictions! They were written so well, and even in your second language.
    You used a wonderful range of sentence lengths with interesting phrases. I can’t wait until you find out what happens next!

  10. The predictions were brilliant I really enjoyed them. There is no way I could ever write that in my second language.
    Very well done.

  11. I really enjoyed reading all of the stories because they are very imaginative and well expressed however my favorite one is ‘At the last moment’, by Najet Sarfowaa. In this story the language was very emotive ( e.g. ‘in a world of darkness and pain’) and my favourite part was the phrase ‘Disability is not an inability, so focus on what you want to achieve in the future. Don’t mind what people are saying at your back.’ I thought that Najet expressed the important thought that no matter who you are and the difficulties you face, the world is full of opportunities to realize your dreams.

    I would also like to mention another phrase by Joshua Frimpong ‘On the way, I fell to the ground near a tree, and tears flowed into the grass like a lake.’ It is a very creative simile of so many tears forming ( rather than flowing?) a puddle in the grass, something I have never read anywhere but I loved it. Well done and congratulations to everyone!

  12. Very good use of a variety of vocabulary. I especially liked Najet’s prediction as I believe that this prediction would fit in perfectly with the situation. Well done!

  13. It’s sooo imaginative and amazing how you are writing in your second language! I could never do that! Also the predictions were really good! I hope you enjoy reading Wonder!

  14. Wow! These predictions were fantastic. I love how you incorporated other parts of the book in with the stories and the English was great. They were really interesting to read as well because of the creativity! A fantastic job!

  15. I think that they used an amazing range of vocabulary to describe the endings and there were a lot of good ideas. I especially liked Najet’s one as she described August’s feelings very well. I think all of you wrote very imaginative endings. Well done everyone!

  16. I thought that all of their ideas were very very good. I could never write that much with such a great range of vocabulary in my second language. My favourite was ‘at the last moment’ by Najet Sarfowaa (because I thought that she was very good at describing Auggies feelings and also because I thought she was a great writer).
    They are all very imaginative.

  17. Those predictions really impressed me, I especially enjoyed hearing all the creativity and imagination im them. Great grammar and spelling. I can’t wait to find out what happens next in the book!

  18. These are such incredible predictions. Brilliantly written by very talented writers. I really liked Najet. It was really powerful and moving. It was amazing to see lots of new talented writers, who are writing in their second language!! I can’t wait to get my letter from these children!

  19. These stories are really interesting. They use a wide range of vocabulary. I could never do that in my second language.

    My favourite one is ‘Forgiveness wins against revenge’ by Augustina Adwebeng.

  20. I really enjoyed reading these- the expression of emotion was amazing and I especially liked ‘I felt that I was nobody but a monster that people felt afraid of.’ from At The Last Moment and ‘I left my scream costume right there- it had not protected me.’ from Why I Didn’t Go To School.

  21. The predictions are great! They’re emotional and powerful, with great use of vocabulary to describe how August would be feeling. I especially liked ‘At the last moment’ by Najet. I think it described how August would feel, perfectly.

  22. I really enjoyed reading these comments. their very powerful and emotional. they all have great vocabulary and really make the story come to life. I especially like Joshua’s “why I didn’t go to school”

  23. Wow! I am very impressed by these predictions.The way that everything was described was really good,a great range of vocabulary was used.I especially enjoyed reading ‘at the last moment’

  24. These stories and predictions are very good. You must be very clever as it’s amazing to write so well in your second language. GREAT WORK!!!

  25. I think these are great and they are good predictions on what could happen next and they are amazing at describing what August would feel like.

  26. I thought all of your entries were amazing, especially because they are in your second language! They were also very imaginative and creative and I could picture the scene clearly. I hope you enjoy the rest of the book as much as I do!

  27. These are aaaammmmaaaazzzziiiinnnngggg!!!! I couldn’t do something that good even in english so how you can do it in a second language is amazing. I hope you enjoy the book!

  28. Those were really amazing, I don’t even think I could write such imaginative and creative stories in English, let alone in another language ,even if I was being taught using it in all of my lessons (I’m not very good at languages). I really hope that you enjoy the rest of the book , because I certainly did.

    I especially enjoyed “Why I didn’t go to school” by Joshua Frimpong, as they included a great phrase,”it had not protected me.”This really shows their understanding of the story, and is a really good reference to earlier on in the chapter.

  29. I really enjoyed reading all of your amazing predictions especially in your second language! Wait till you find out what happens next!!

  30. These predictions were amazing! I think that they were written really well (especially as it is your second language) and I really liked your use of vocabulary.

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