Congratulations to Wanderlust Ghana for completing their 10,000km journey!


Please note that we are collecting donations for the #DriveForDigitalisation campaign with EduSpots until the end of August though this Justgiving page: and our mobile money number (Ghana MTN):+233593949413.

We have not collected any donations in cash or through any other channel for EduSpots. The Wanderlust Ghana team are now raising funds a different fund through their events.

By Sunday 20th August we have raised:

$18279.85 – drive for digitalisation fundraising page

$397.17 – mobile money donations

$389.64 – additional donations to our Justgiving page

TOTAL = $19,066.66


EduSpots congratulates the Wanderlust Ghana team for making it to the final destination of their 10,000km Accra-London road trip on Sunday 6th August!

With the support of over 220 people, we have so far raised over $17,500 to support digital learning across our network of 50 Spots. However, with 50 Spots in our network, we will need to raise more to equip them all with digital learning tools and training. You can also donate to this appeal here or reach out to us on to explore a partnership with EduSpots.

Watch their BBC news clip featuring their journey here:

In late July 2023 ,the Drive for Digitalisation appeal was launched by EduSpots and the Wanderlust Ghana team. Together, they embarked on an epic 10,000km Accra – London road trip with a bold mission a to raise US$100,000 funding for the digitalisation of the EduSpots’ network whilst enjoying an adventure across the African and European continents. 

Digital learning is revolutionizing community-led education, providing new opportunities for learning and engagement through: increased access to relevant educational resources, improved instructional design, and more flexible learning.

The current digital divide in communities and the need for training and support in deploying digital technologies to support this learning, has hindered a lot of communities from taking advantage of the opportunities that digital learning presents, with 50% of our Catalysts indicating that their learners do not have any access to any tablet or laptop.

More specifically, how will leveraging digital learning benefit our students? Access to digital learning will give students opportunities for the following:

  • Personalized learning: Through digital learning, personalized content and instruction will be delivered to meet the individual needs of each student. This is especially important for students with learning difficulties.
  • Collaborative learning: Digital learning will provide a shared space for students to collaborate on projects and assignments. This will be done through online platforms and forums, such as Google Classroom, Edmodo, and Canva. This allows students to work together on projects, regardless of their location.
  • Access to information and resources: Digital learning will provide access to information and resources in a number of ways, including access to relevant educational material, online courses etc
  • Equal opportunity: Digital learning will help to bridge the digital divide and promote equity in education.
  • Engaging and motivating learners: Digital learning will make learning fun and more interactive by introducing instructional models like gamification and simulations.

This is an exciting opportunity for us to connect communities across Ghana and Kenya to digital learning. Your donation will specifically support one or more of the following: technology for Spots, training and Spot visits, app development or EduSpots’ core costs. Please note that reports explaining the impact of this appeal will be sent to all those who leave their contact information when donating.

A huge thank you once again to Wanderlust Ghana for their support, and to all the over 220 supporters who have got behind this drive for digitalisation!

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