EduSpots Organises Maiden Creative Writing Competition

To encourage writing among pupils and young people in EduSpots partner communities, the organisation started an annual creative writing competition in late 2019. The EduSpots Literacy programme aims to inspire creativity and critical thinking while improving pupils language proficiency.

The competition was opened to all pupils and young adults was an opportunity for pupils to document elements of Ghanaian culture through creative writing. A total of 25 entries from eleven communities were received from pupils through their teachers, out of which eight were reviewed and shortlisted with support from the EduLit team at Sevenoaks School.

The shortlisted entries will be published in the first EduSpots Creative Writing Magazine, with interviews and stories from some prolific Ghanaian writers like Nana Awere Damoah, Portia Dery and Cecilia Amoafowaa (Mum C). Copies of the magazine will be printed for reading in selected EduSPots communities.

Poster announcing the competition
Cover page of the magazine

Shortlisted Entries

The following entries were shortlisted

1. Midnight Tales, Abigail

2. Mother’s Secret, Ummu

3. Celebrating Differences, Noah

4.  Mankind’s Great Enemy (Adasa Tamfo Kese Bi), Grace

5.  Damba Got Married, Ayishat

6. Our Culture, The Bugum Festival, Sayida

7.  Kwahu Easter Festival, George

8.  Funeral Celebrations in my Culture, Justina

9. Naming Ceremony among the Akans, Rashida

10. The Damba Festival, Abdullah

Congratulations to all shortlisted entries. We will be contacting all writers for their prizes, which can be picked at the nearest EduSpots project. Please contact the EduSpots project leader in your community if you have been shortlisted.

You can view and download a copy of the maiden magazine below:

We hope to launch the next creative writing competition in 2021 until then, keep reading and keep writing!

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