Reading Spots Trials Dext Technology’s “Lab in a Box”

Today we bring the exciting news that we have ordered our first set of Dext Technology science boxes – Dext Technology have innovated a “lab in a box”, which has all the equipment students need in Primary and JHS to perform basic experiments matching their syllabus.

Our idea is that we will keep these in our ‘Reading Spots’ and they can be borrowed by science teachers for use in their classroom. In this way, multiple schools in the community can use them over the year, and their use will be optimised. This optimisation of resources between several schools was the primary purpose for the creation of our ‘Reading Spots’ in the first instance.

Dext Technology are also going to train teachers in how to use the boxes effectively. For now, we are trialling this in just two of our spots (in Abofour and Akumadan) before we see how well it works and if it works well we’ll expand the programme and look at investing in different resources to be used by schools across the community in this way.

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