Our name has changed: ‘Reading Spots’ to ‘EduSpots’

In summer 2019, we made a decision as an organisation to change our name from ‘Reading Spots’ to ‘EduSpots’, with our UK and Ghanaian registrations also altered.

The reason for this change was that whilst we started as an organisation focused upon book provision and literacy development, we have since grown to diversify our approach to also focus on practical STEM education, leadership development, and environmental awareness. We felt that the ‘Reading’ brand no longer represented our work as an organisation.

All of our volunteers had a chance to input suggestions on the new name, with EduSpots being collectively chosen as the best path forward. The original name ‘Reading Spots’ was chosen because a ‘spot’ is a place to relax in Ghana – we wanted to take the Ghanaian concept of a ‘spot’ and build an educational theme around it.






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