EduLit Team in Sevenoaks creates Phonics books and a chatterbox

Last academic year, pupils in the EduLit group in Sevenoaks School created the first issue of Kwame’s Adventures focused on mirroring familiar events in Tease, an EduSpots partner community in the Eastern Region of Ghana.  The team also created phonics cards focused on nouns that are more familiar for end users in low-resource Ghanaian communities. This year, the team continues their work with creating resources for the rural communities EduSpots work with.

The team has created two phonics books focusing on sounds captured on the phonics cards. Short illustrated stories focusing on three out of the 44 English Sounds have already been published in two books: 


Apart from ongoing work in producing club meeting templates for literacy clubs in rural Ghana, the team also recently created a chatterbox; an exciting game-based resource used to develop literacy competencies. 

The Chatterbox instructions

Commenting on the resources, the EduLit club leader in Savelugu said that the chatterbox ‘increased pupils’ ability to think and recall words easily, hence increasing their vocabulary’.  She added that ‘making the chatterbox involved extraction of a square from a rectangular sheet of paper and this helped to deepen their grasp of the relationship between different shapes. The pupils found it fun to use and they learnt with it for a long time without getting bored.’

Special thanks to the EduLit team at Sevenoaks led by Anne who works closely with our Head of Literacy Development, Stephen Tettegah, to coordinate these projects.

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